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Me in front of the beautiful Lake Texoma

Me in front of the beautiful Lake Texoma


Hi!  My name is Madeline Dickson and I live in the Dallas, Texas area.  I am the oldest of 4 children in my family.  Our order is me, 11 yrs old; my brother, Nathan, 9 yrs old; my sister, Caroline, 7 yrs old; and last but not least, my baby brother Parker, almost 2 yrs. old.

I have done amazing things and have gone to beautiful places.  For example, I have seen the fireworks show this 4th of July at Washington D.C., gone to Lava Hot Springs in Idaho, and I have been at Arches National Park in Utah.  I have all my family either living in Pennsylvania, Idaho, or Alaska, about the farthest they can get from us!  I’m very close to my cousins, especially (dad’s side) Destiny, Halle, Ally, (mom’s side) Gillian, and Marcie.  They are my best friends and I really enjoy spending time with them.

I am a Mormon, but I love to study other religions and cultures!  They are very neat and I respect the people of them.  One of my favorites is the Mexican culture.  Where I live, there are tons of Mexican restaurants and places.  I’ve grown to like Mexican food more than any other food!  I went to Cancun when I was younger, and it was amazing.  The thing I remember the most is looking out of our hotel room and seeing the beautiful beach and sunset.

When I’m older, I hope to be an author.  Right now, I am working on my first book.  It’s about a girl who is pulled from her family and everything she knows and is taken as prisoner for another country.  She meets many people and goes on many adventures but has one goal: to get back to her family and to the one she loves.  The 3 things I want to do the most in my life: get married in the temple, go to BYU college, and go on a mission, like my dad.

My biggest idol has to be Bethany Hamilton.  I have read and seen the movie Soul Surfer about a million times.  After her arm was lost to a shark while surfing, she struggles to do everyday things like peeling an orange or tying her shoes.  She never asked God: “Why did this have to happen to me?”  She asked him, “What do you have planned for me?”  At first, she couldn’t surf, but she kept working at it and now she’s a professional surfer!  Stories like that just inspire me.

I am being home schooled this year through K-12.  It’s an online program.  I just got all my textbooks, supplies, and workbooks.  I know it’s strange, but when I get all my supplies and clothes for school, I get super excited!  No one else seems to do that, so I must be the geek from movies who snorts when he makes a lame sciencey  joke that no one gets.

I also like things to be organized.  Whenever I see things of different colors, I tend to organize them by color, in order of the rainbow.  So whenever I see a box of crayons of markers, I make them all neat and organized.  Today  I was organizing the things in our kitchen drawers, and I came across knives with different colored handles.  So, of course, I organized that.

If you asked me who my favorite elementary teacher was, I’d have to say my challenge teacher, Mrs. Pearlstein.  Whenever I had trouble with the weekly challenges, I’d be unhappy.  I went over to her desk and said that I couldn’t understand it.  She’d give me hints and say that I could do it.  The next year we had pre-algebra.  I caught on and I was speeding through the worksheets, making perfect hundreds.  One day, she said, “Is this the same girl that was so upset she didn’t believe in herself?  Is this the same girl that cried because she didn’t know the answers to any of the questions on the weekly challenge?  No, it can’t be.”  And at the end of the class, we would all say, “Model courtesy, Respect others talents, Challenge yourself.”  I never really understood what that meant until I graduated from Elementary school.  I’m so grateful that I had Mrs. Pearlstein because she taught me to believe in myself.  She taught me that I can do whatever I please if I put my mind to it.  And I want to thank her for that.

To help  you through things, don’t forget, Model courtesy, Respect other talents, Challenge yourself.  (This place rocks!)

I’m very excited about my blog and don’t forget!  madelinescorner.com

My siblings and me in front of Lake Texoma

My siblings and me in front of Lake Texoma

My family in our yard

My family



15 Comments  to  About Me

  1. Ragan says:

    Wow Madeline! Great blog. I’m so proud of you. You are becoming such a great lady. You have such a special heart. I love you.

  2. Elisa says:

    You are soo amazing Madeline!! I am excited to follow your journey. I love you and I miss you!

  3. Katie says:

    My dear Madeline,

    I loved reading your blog. I will return often to see what else you have to say. You have a great way with words. I believe you will be an author if that is what you choose. I have always wanted to write a book, but haven’t got past the first chapter. Jaxon really enjoys writing. He has written several. The latest is called Alien Attack and Alien Attack 2:now in color. I love his drawings.
    I also really admire Bethany Hamilton. That movie is on of Halle and my favorites. I don’t how such a young person can be so strong. With God everything is truly possible. Would you go back inth ocean if that happened to you? I don’t know if i could.
    I would welcome you in organizing my house at anytime. Feel free to hop on a plane and clean for me. I do like things organized, but wish i was better. I am thinking about organizing my closet by color. What do you think about that?
    I went to Washington DC when i was hour age. Still today, it is one of my all time favorite trips.Did you see Arlington Cemetary? I think that was my favorite. I also loved seeing the wall. What was your favorite site?

    Love to you,

    • Madeline Dickson says:

      I think you should organize your closet by color. My Sunday School teacher said that she did that when she was younger. So is my mom’s.

  4. halle says:

    Great job on your blog it is great! I didn’t know you were going to be homeschooled. I think your book sounds interesting i would definitly support you on being an author. P.s i get really excited about school stuff too.
    Love you always,

  5. What great blog material and a super smart and driven author behind it all!
    Such inspiration given to adults as well. My husband wants to write a children’s book based on excerpts of his fathers childhood. Any suggestions from you?? Looking forward to further blogs and your experiences with K12.

    • madelined says:

      Thank you! You made my day.
      I also think that it’s a great idea. My mother is making a memory book of my grandmother who has come down with Alzheimer’s disease.

  6. Gillian says:

    I’m going to keep up with your blog! It’ll be a great way to keep in touch until the next time you come and visit. :D

  7. I knew you would grown up and do something “different” when you were just a very small baby. We came to visit you and every time you fussed, your daddy would bring you to me along with a book. You LOVED books. You stared at the book as if it was a fantastic time machine to somewhere exciting. No matter how many times I read you the same book, every time I turned the page you would get all excited and kick your feet. I always wore out long before you did. All I needed to get you to forget that I was a total stranger was a book. When I read you a book, I became your best friend. You especially loved when I used different voices. When I looked into your eyes I could see a full grown spirit very anxious to learn everything that there was to learn and do everything that your little body could do as quickly as possible. I also wanted to be an author but I believe you really will because you belief in yourself and you have the the faith in God you need that you don’t have to do things completely on your own.

  8. Pamela Grannell, but I guess I'll always be Mrs. P to you! says:

    Madeline, reading your blog was such a pleasure. You have always been such an interesting individual. To say that I am honored to be mentioned in your blog is an understatement. I have to get ready for work, but there is so much more that I want to talk about and share with you.
    You are an amazing lifelong learner. Remember that effort is the key. I don’t know if you were in Challenge when we studied eminent scientists, but if you were, you’ll recall that so many of them had to overcome great hardships and challenges to be successful. Of course they were intelligent, but many intelligent people never realize their dreams because they lack a determined mindset and fail to work hard when they encounter difficulty. You see, Madeline, it wasn’t that you couldn’t do the problems, you just had to work through the rough spots until you reached a certain level of understanding. having difficulty makes us so uncomfortable, but once we overcome the obstacles, we feel positive and accomplished. You did it!

  9. Melissa Chaffin says:

    I LOVE your blog Madeline!!! Thank you so much for letting me know about it :) Seems we have a lot in common with snorting at nerdy jokes and organizing by color…I still eat my M&Ms one color at a time lol I’m so happy you are in my class…I know it’s going to be a great year!!

  10. madelined says:

    Thank you! I always eat my colored food in order too! (lightest to darkest)

  11. clarethalay says:

    Thanks for the news ! Just thinking about it! By the way Happy New Year to all of you ;)

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