Post WWII- How the lds church helped

After WWII, almost all of Europe was disastrous. People were hungry and didn’t have the necessities they needed. The value of a dollar was so low, it was literally more useful as kindling in fires than for spending. They needed help and hope, and the LDS church was there to restore it.

George Albert Smith was then the Prophet of the LDS church. He wanted to make sure that the people in Europe had the things they needed. He got in contact with President Harry S. Truman and asked for help to send things to Europe. This is the conversation that George Smith recalled:

“He smiled at me, and said: ‘Well, what do you want to ship it over there for? Their money isn’t good.’

“I said, ‘We don’t want their money.’ He looked at me and said: ‘You don’t mean you’re going to give it to them?’

“I said: ‘Of course, we would give it to them. They are our brothers and sisters and are in distress. God has blessed us with a surplus, and we will be glad to send it if we can have the cooperation of the government.’

“He said, ‘You are on the right a track,’ and added, ‘We will be glad to help in any way we can.”

They prepared to send everything to Europe, and they took 127 railroad carloads full of food, clothing, bedding, and medicine. They received 75 tons of potatoes from Dutch farms. The next year, they got 90 tons of potatoes and 9 tons of herring.

When they arrived, there were many people that they saw in need. Almost all of the people were dressed in rags, and were in a destitute state. They were so relieved and joyful when they were able to receive these items that had restored hope and good health. They had never forgotten these generous acts of kindness given by the LDS church.

I thought that this story was amazing to me when my mom showed it to me. A lot of people had their lives saved because they were able to receive the commodities they needed to survive. They were able to sleep in a bed that didn’t have proper bedding, and they were able to be well fed and well clothed. I would be very glad and joyful if someone had done that for me, and I can imagine the looks everyone’s faces when they received all of those things. All of them joyful, hugging each other, cheering, and knowing that they now could live and not be worried about going to bed hungry.

The church welfare system is a divinely inspired program. Today, it has lots of fields, farms , livestock, and warehouses across the country that produces food for those in need. It is all done completely by the hands of service. Volunteers do all the work, and they don’t get paid. They perform about 30,000 hours of labor a year. All of the food goes to a place called the Bishop’s Storehouse. It looks like a grocery store. Its purpose is to help people in need who are struggling financially. Both members of the church and nonmembers of the church sometimes depend on it. People are able to get groceries that they need, and it’s all for free.
It’s a blessing for people because they don’t have to spend money on food, they can get their food for free from the Bishop’s Storehouse. The money that they were going to spend on food they can use for rent and bills.
My mom showed me a video that shows some of its plantations, and it’s amazing how many volunteers are helping and serving. I hope someday that I will get the same opportunity. This church welfare program has helped many people, and not just in the United States. It helps people from many countries, and they are blessed by it. Next week, my mom and I are going to Caroltown. It is about an hour’s drive from where our house is. I look forward to going on this field trip and seeing how it all works.

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  1. Ragan says:

    Madeline, I’m so impressed with what you are learning. It is such a great thing to learn to serve others and the blessing that come with that. It’s so great that you are learning this at a young age. That is great that you get to go to the bishops storehouse with your mom. I have only done that a few times and I remember the good feeling I had while I was there. You are such a sweet spirit. I miss you and love you very much.

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