Upstairs Room

The Upstairs Room is an autobiography about Annie de Leeuw’s life during WWII. She was a Jew, and she had to go into hiding or else she would be sent to a concentration camp. She went with her sister, Sini, to live in the attic of the Hannincks’ house. The Hannincks were Gentiles, people who weren’t Jews. When Mr. Hanninck is suspected by Nazi soldiers, Annie and her sister are sent to live in the Oostervelds’ home. They were also Gentiles. when the arrived, they met Johan, Dientje (Johan’s wife), and Opoe (Dientje’s mother). Annie and Sini lived in a room upstairs, and they stayed there for the remainder of 3 years, waiting until the war was over. They listened to the radio, waiting for the Allies to gain an advantage on Germany. After a while, they do. Canadian soldiers come in tanks and everyone celebrates that the war is finally over. Annie, Sini, and their father and older sister move back to their hometown, Winterswijk.

This book is good to read because you can learn about her personal experience during WWII. We should know that the things that happened at that time should never happen again.

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