A lot of people have been asking me what my homeschool is like for me. Every day, I log on to school and look at my schedule (aka the list of subjects I have to do). Then I choose the different subjects that I want to do first. It shows lessons and sometimes I have to read from a textbook they supply us. Also, on certain days and times, I’ll have things called “Class Connect Sessions”. I’ll log in to it, and we’ll be at a live session with other students and teachers. For Math, my teacher is Mrs. Goodwin, for Reading I have Mrs. Robinette, for Science I have Mrs. Lankford, and so on. We learn a lesson and we have a Chat Box. It’s where we get to type something and post it. We can talk to each other and have discussions. We also get to click on emoticons that show confused when we don’t get what the teacher is saying, there’s speed up, slow down, and a smiley-face. And if we have a microphone, we can talk and say something when the teacher gives us permission. We read a paragraph, answer a question, or just chat with each other at the beginning of class. It’s very fun, and my favorite subject this year is Spanish. If you have any more questions about this online school, feel free to ask in the comment box below!  Keep up with my posts!

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  1. Keira Dahle says:

    Madeline, you are such a fantastic young lady! I hope that you have a great school year. You are totally convincing me that this is what I hope to do with my kids when they are older. Love you a bunch! :)

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