Labor Day!

As you all probably know, last weekend was Labor Day weekend. It was when in the early 1900s, American laborers took a stand for their poor working conditions. They faced long, grueling hours; summer’s heat and winter’s cold; and sometimes, the circumstances were even life threatening. Now, we don’t have working conditions like that, thank goodness!

There are many cool jobs and careers. 3 that I really want to do is being a teacher, be an author, and a Marine biologist/shark conservationist.

If you could name a few jobs that you’ve wanted to do, or just a cool job that not a lot of people may know about, go ahead and post it below on the comments section. Hope you enjoyed your Labor Day weekend!


5 Comments  to  Labor Day!

  1. Yijun says:

    Awesome! Brenna told me to visit this site weeks ago, but I only just found time. Keep it up!

  2. Keira Dahle says:

    Growing up it wanted to be a teacher, then a marine biologist (I wanted to work at Sea World with Orcas), and then I finally went to college to be a Physical Therapist. One day, when my kids are grown, I will finish it. Pretty lady, you are sooo smart and hard-working, you will be able to do anything you heart wants to do!!

  3. Ragan says:

    You would make a great teacher, just like your mom. Lauren wants to be a teacher too. :) . I didn’t know you liked sharks. Wow!!! You are brave.

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